Noel Mckoy Obituary: Noel Mckoy of Clapham, London Cause of Death

Noel Mckoy Obituary: Noel Mckoy of Clapham, London Cause of Death

London’s Clapham is where Noel McKoy was born.

In 1968, Noel’s family relocated to Battersea after his Aunt Winnie visited them. The family was sent for by Noel’s aunt in the 1940s, although they continued to reside with her before she moved. Noel endured a lot of racism during his first few years of school as a result of this decision.

Both Noel’s mother and aunt were performers. Early on, he got interested with music and started The Albions, a school band. Throughout his adolescence, Noel organized numerous music-related events. A school dance team called Pasadenas, who released the UK Top Ten hit TRIBUTE2 (RIGHT ON) in the UK charts, was one of his events. The Pasadenas appeared on Top of the Pops after this success. Since playing as a background musician, Noel has collaborated with a wide range of recording artists. Additionally, he produced videos at many recording studios, including McKoy-Family.

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British vocalist Noel draws inspiration from Northern soul, funk, gospel, and soul in her work. He gives concerts all around the nation.

The Dutch Pot is now his property.

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