Ray McNeil Murder And Obituary: Everything About The Netflix Documentary, Killer Sally

Ray McNeil Murder And Obituary: Everything About The Netflix Documentary, Killer Sally

In the three-part Killer Sally documentary on Netflix, the murder of Ray McNeil was covered. The first of the three parts of the documentary, titled Sally, examines Sally’s abusive upbringing.

She talks about her relationship with her husband, Ray Mcneil, in the second section. She provides an explanation for why she killed her spouse in the third section.

Sally McNeil was taken into custody for the 1995 Valentine’s Day murder of her husband, Ray McNeil. She claimed that Ray’s habitual usage of steroids prompted him to frequently lash out at her and abuse her children.

They were both accomplished bodybuilders and former marines. At 256 pounds, Ray won Mr. California in 1991.

Sally won two U.S. Armed Services Physique Championships in the 1980s while Ray retained his championship.

Bodybuilders Sally and Ray McNeil claim that when they first encountered each other in the gym, it was “love at first sight.”

Ray punched Sally in the face three days after the couple wed in 1987, just three days into their marriage.

Despite having few joyful times together, the couple stayed married for seven years. Ray would frequently hit her and abuse her children during their arguments.

In the documentary, Sally’s kids are also shown in the interview where John claims that Ray, his father, beat and mistreated him frequently.

He also claims that he occasionally yelled at his sister Shantina.

Later, on February 14th, 1995, the couple were involved in an altercation. This was the last time Ray and his wife argued before Ray was fatally shot.

Ray vented all of his frustration on his wife, Sally, during the dispute. Sally had no alternative but to shoot him as he began savagely punching and beating her.

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In addition, the kids have corroborated that their father battered their mothers in addition to abusing them.

She was detained after killing her spouse in self-defense. A jury in court convicted her guilty of killing her spouse in the second degree.

She spent the subsequent 19 years of her life serving in prison.

Relationship between Sally and Ray Mcneil
Bodybuilder Ray Mcneil, who was 23 years old, wed Sally, who was 27 years old. Sally was already a divorcee from her recent marriage and the mother of two kids.

They began dating soon after their initial encounter because of their immediate attraction to one another. They got married right away without much delay.

Sally claims that she wrestled ten men for $3000 per month while pursuing a career in wrestling after being discharged from the military for doing poorly.

Although they had a romantic beginning to their relationship, after being married, Ray’s behavior toward his wife changed dramatically.

Ray would viciously beat and choke Sally, according to her children.

Sally alleges that she shot her husband in self-defense because of his cruel treatment of their children and wife.


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