Roger Triemstra Obituary – Death: WGN-Radio Meteorologist Cause of Death

Roger Triemstra Obituary - Death: WGN-Radio Meteorologist Cause of Death
Roger Triemstra, a longtime meteorologist for WGN-TV and WGN-Radio, has passed away, according to his daughter Cheri.

He has an engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and is a graduate of Thornton Township High School.

He was in the Air Force before joining the Strategic Weather Command as a weather officer. He started out as a part-time weatherman for WLS-TV after hours while working in other fields, then in 1967 he joined WGN-TV and WGN Radio as Harry Volkman’s backup weatherman.

He worked for both stations up to the 1980s, and he didn’t fully transfer to WGN until he retired in 1998.

He spoke with Paul Konrad about his time at WGN last year.

Roger Triemstra, a 92-year-old meteorologist, is honored by WGN Radio. For 33 years, Roger has been a respected, dependable, and well-liked voice on Radio 720, giving accurate weather reports and bringing his special brand of humor to WGN programming. He is a fan favorite. 1998 saw Trimstra’s retirement.

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The station prepared the following to commemorate Roger’s 2018 placement on WGN Radio’s Walk of Fame: “Roger Trimstra was well-known before Skilling. The weatherman from South Holland Chicagoans are informed by scientists on the changing weather patterns in the city. Triemstra offered more than 50 weekly weather updates, as well as folk humor, from 1965 to 1998. He also posted some forecasts from the complete weather station in his home. The meteorologist He also assisted in determining the requirements for the station’s present and upcoming weather broadcasts. He made light of the fact that he “can often make accurate predictions by staring out the window” because the weather is so predictable. Trimstra on pollution and the environment His profession as a meteorologist and his initiatives to inform others about global warming and its effects have given him a worry about risks.


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