King of hearts update Monday 16 September 2019 Zee World

King of hearts update Monday 16 September 2019 Zee World
King of hearts update Monday 16 September 2019 Zee World

Siddharth’s GrandAunt gets a henna artist to come and make henna designs on Kritika’s hands. She hears a knock and opens the door. She is shocked to see Simran. She asks why Simran has come back without informing her? Simran says it’s her house and she can come as she pleases. Simran laughs and says she will go then.

King of hearts September teaser

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Kritika runs into Simran’s arms and says she missed her. Simran asks what happened? Krutika says nothing.
Simran sees the henna artist and asks what she’s there for? Sid’s GrandAunt says Kritika just wanted henna designs made on her hands, so she called the henna artist. She takes Simran inside. Krutika looks on.

Sid enters the School and it’s empty. He sees Roshni and she seduces him with a dance, wearing the yellow saree that he bought for her. She dances with him to the song Khatra Khatra main girun… while flower petals fall on them.
Shabnam enters the school with the carton of poisoned milkshake. She sees Sid and Roshni in a romantic dance. She tells herself that Roshni can hold on to him for now but she will soon have Sid all to herself! She turns to leave and accidentally hits a flower vase. Sid and Roshni hear the crash and go out to look.
Shabnam hides.

Sid asks who is there? Roshni comes and asks who is here? Sid says someone is following us. Roshni says she is scared. Sid asks her to come.

Later on, Roshni gives DD the outfit Sid bought for her. DD thanks her. Shabnam watches them and thinks DD will be insulted in the School inauguration function! Roshni gives Sid a gift for Shabnam but Sid tells her to present the gift herself. Roshni takes the gift to Shabnam. DD takes the gift and says employees are only given gifts during festivals! She tells Roshni that if she gives Shabnam a gift, she will have to give everyone else, so Roshni should just give her old Clothes and asks her not to cross line. She asks Lakshmi (The Maid) to bring Roshni’s old Clothes from the godown. Lakshmi brings it. She collects Roshni’s old Clothes and throws them at Shabnam and tells her to wear it! She says it’s not torn from anywhere and asks Sid and Roshni not to give her dress again! Shabnam says you just see who will wear whose Old Clothes!

The Ceremony in the school is taking place. All the guests congratulate DD for the new School inauguration. Simran and Raj hug Roshni and Aisha. Raj says our daughter-in-law has made our dream come true. Raj kisses Sid and asks didn’t you miss us? DD feels her blouse stiching breaking and gets shocked. All the guests look on surprising. Someone tells that the school malfunction is happening even at schools. Some ladies snasps her. Shabnam acts and covers DD’s back with her scarf. She asks Roshni to take her inside, and thinks she has covered her with her own old Clothes!

The Media asks DD, what she wants to convey to the people? DD tells that Roshni has always wanted to open a School since Childhood and Sid fulfilled her wish. Roshni thanks Sid and gives him credit for the School. DD and everyone is happy.
Someone brings the milk shake bottle and serves to the guests and kids.

The Kids drink the milkshake and get sick. Some throw up and others even pass out. Shabnam smirks happily after playing with others kids’ lives. DD and Roshni are shocked. Roshni asks to call the Doctor. The Media person says that pesticide smell is coming from it. The Parents attack Roshni and DD.
Sid is in the control room of the school. He watches the CCTV footage and sees Shabnam with the carton of milkshake.

Gafoor gives Shabnam a slap and says he warned her not to get involved and to leave Sid alone because he would find out but she didn’t listen, now he has found out that they are working together!
One of Gafoor’s Men informs them that the Police and Sid are outside.
They hide.
Sid and the Police enter.
They see 2 visas and realise Shabnam and Gafoor are planning to run away.
Sid tells the Policeman that he has a function to attend and the Police should please look after his family.

Sid arrives at the event. Roshni says he is late. He apologises.
Bunty arrives with Kritika. Roshni asks who he is? Sid says it’s a long story and he will tell her later.
The Police arrive and Sid goes to them. DD asks what’s going on? The Inspector says they just want to be there in case anything goes wrong. Roshni starts performing the rites. Sid is alert. He goes about looking at the guests. He tells himself that something is not right. He makes his way out and bumps into a Man carrying a bowl of fruits.

He apologises and the Man makes his way inside. Roshni starts giving everyone sweet offerings. She gives the Man who is carrying the bowl of fruits. He throws the bowl away and brings out a gun. He aims at Roshni, then shoots. Sid screams.
Roshni turns around and sees Shabnam has been hit by the bullet.
Sid lifts Shabnam and carries her out of the venue. She is taken to a hospital.

Sid is at the hospital with DD, Roshni and her Grandmother. He asks himself what is going on? DD asks him what’s going on? He is about to speak when the Doctor comes out to inform them that Shabnam is out of surgery. They all enter the room to see her. Shabnam says they should have let her die! She says they took her in but she was compelled by Gafoor to harm Roshni; he was the one behind Aisha and Roshni’s kidnap and also the one who made her poison the milk cartons! She says he threatened to kill Aisha if she doesn’t obey!
When Shabnam is alone, Gafoor enters the room, dressed as a Nurse. She sees him and presses on the bullet wound so it starts bleeding again. She calls for help!

Everyone enters the room and Gafoor tells DD that Shabnam is the one trying to frame him and she’s the enemy!
DD gives him a slap and tells the Police to take him away! Gafoor tells Sid that Shabnam deceived him into believing she was his niece and if she can deceive him, she can deceive anyone! Sid tells DD to listen.

DD says Shabnam took a bullet for Roshni so she would believe her over Gafoor. She tells Shabnam to forgive her and says she now considers her like a daughter.

Sid’s GrandAunt enters Bunty’s house and pours itchy powder on the bed. She says his skin will itch and he will have to leave the house.

Sid is at the Police Station with Gafoor. Gafoor says Shabnam teamed up with him because of his hatred for DD and she was with him in all the attacks. He says DD is his enemy and she’s the only one he wanted to harm but Shabnam wants to ruin the entire family. He tells Sid to believe he only wanted to ruin DD and not to kill her. Sid asks how he’s supposed to believe him. The Police take Gafoor away.

Sid wonders how he will be able to convince DD and Roshni about Shabnam. When he gets to the house, Shabnam returns home form the hospital. Sid apologises to her for doubting her. She says it’s not his fault, she was the one who was rendered helpless. Sid takes Roshni aside and asks if they can go out?
Roshni says she can’t leave Shabnam.
Sid asks Shabnam and Shabnam tells Roshni to go. DD also tells Roshni to go with Sid.
Shabnam tells herself that she has been able to fool Sid!

As Sid and Roshni are getting ready to leave, Simran enters the room and says they can’t leave just before the fast. Shabnam apologises to Sid and says she told Simran because she called.

Sid is now convinced that Shabnam is bad news. He tells himself that he won’t let her succeed!
Later on, Roshni feeds him cotton candy and hugs him. Shabnam is standing by the door, watching them. Sid knows she’s there. He promises Roshni that they would have a beautiful life.


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