Active Shooter News Now: Domanias “Nick” Stamatiadis shot and injured in Farmington mass shooting

Domanias “Nick” Stamatiadis shot and injured in Farmington mass shooting

Craig McClure hailed Officer Domanias “Nick” Stamatiadis in a Facebook post, calling him one of the best policemen he had the honor to serve with.

Officer Stamatiadis, who is Greek by birth but entered law enforcement later in life, is renowned for his friendliness, sense of humor, and commitment to neighborhood policing.

Tragically, he was shot today during the “Mass shooting” incident that involved a conceited teen.

He will recover, but it will take some time for him to heal. Prayers are requested for Officer Stamatiadis, the hurt Farmington Police officer, the deceased victims, and their bereaved families, according to McClure.

The investigation is being carried out at the scene by the Farmington Police Department, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Mexico State Police. The incident involved an active shooter in Farmington.

According to the information now available, there was a confrontation between the suspect and many officers from the Farmington Police Department that ended with an officer-involved gunshot. At the scene, the suspect was approached and fatally shot.

There are currently no other reported threats, and the suspect’s identity is still unknown. There is no evidence of a second suspect at this time. All lockdowns have been lifted as a result.

Two police officers were hurt in the incident—one from the Farmington Police Department and the other from the New Mexico State Police—and are currently receiving medical attention at San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Thankfully, they are in good shape. Sadly, there are numerous innocent casualties, with at least three confirmed deaths. We will continue to update you when new information becomes available.

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