Alizeh Shahar ki video leke on telegram, What happened to photos leaked on Reddit

Alizeh Shahar ki video leke on telegram, What happened to photos leaked on Reddit

Aliza Sehar is a famous TikTok user known for sharing videos about rural life in Pakistan. However, she recently found herself at the center of controversy when a private video call was leaked on social media.

In Alyssa’s videos, she mostly performs daily tasks on her family’s farm, such as baking bread in an outdoor clay oven, preparing meals over an open fire, and herding livestock. The simplicity and authenticity of her videos delight many online viewers.

The leaked video immediately went viral, causing Alyssa’s name to be trending across all social media platforms. Alyssa initially declined to comment publicly. But days later, she addressed the issue in a video posted on her popular TikTok account.


In the video, Alyssa explains that she discovered the leak three days ago. She then went to the FBI’s Cyber ​​Crime Office in Multan to file a report. Alyssa expressed her gratitude to investigators for their cooperation.

Alyssa revealed that the person responsible for sharing the video lives in Ocala but is currently in Qatar. When contacted, the person admitted to editing the video but denied sharing it online.

However, Alyssa expressed her frustration that despite the FIA ​​supporting her, they had not taken action against those who leaked the private conversations. She warned those spreading rumors about her on social media to stop spreading them or she will reveal her identity in an upcoming video.

After the leak, unconfirmed rumors circulated online that Alyssa had committed suicide. But her recent videos, along with statements from her brother, make it clear these reports are untrue.

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