Anne May Obituary: Dundale Primary School And Nursery Mourn Passing, Cause of Death

Anne May Death And Obituary – We broke the news last week that Mrs. Anne May (formerly Bere), a member of our staff who was regarded in the highest regard and had a particular place in many people’s hearts, had passed away to our parents and carers with a sad heart.

She passed away on Monday, March 6. Sadly, over the previous several weeks, Mrs. May’s condition deteriorated as she fought cancer; as a result, she ultimately went away peacefully with her loved ones by her side. Her family is the first thing on our hearts and in our prayers during this difficult time.
For six years, Ms. May worked as a staff member at Dundale Elementary School. She gave a lot of support to the professors and students throughout that period, and she will be sadly missed by every member of the Dundale family and the entire Dundale community.

We are aware that many of you were acquainted with Mrs. May, who assisted a significant number of students who are not only currently enrolled at Dundale but also a significant number of kids who have completed elementary school and are enrolled in secondary schools. Some of the school’s kids have decided to write or draw something to include in a memory book they have made over the course of this week. Many of you, we believe, will have ideas or messages you’d like to express.

If you would want to add something to the message or memory book, stop by the school office. We have little cards there that you can use at school or at home. You can even carry them with you. Please drop by the office if you have anything to offer. Any note cards you may have must be brought in to the school office by the end of Thursday, March 23rd in order for us to compile all of this information into the book on Friday, March 24th.

If you have children who have previously attended Dundale and who would want to come and collect a card as well as write or draw anything, they are more than welcome to do so after school in the school office. You are not needed to take any action if you don’t have kids who have previously attended Dundale. This, in our opinion, offers an opportunity for all of us to come together and share our thoughts, which we will subsequently convey to Mrs. May’s family.

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