Ayesha Curry video leaked Sweet July, what happened to video viral trending

Ayesha Curry video leaked Sweet July, whats happened to video viral trending

Ayesha Curry, the wife of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, got into trouble recently after social media users dismissed her rather inappropriate and insensitive jokes about cheating.

During an appearance on Girl Chat, Ayesha apparently made a joke about infidelity when a shirtless male waiter came out to serve them drinks. The Curry patriarch then joked about removing her wedding ring, and when she couldn’t, she tried to lower it so it was out of sight.

Of course, she does all of this for fun, but many viewers and Steph Curry fans dislike her moves, which are seen by a lot of people. While she was clearly joking, many felt that now was not the time. Not to mention that many people found her insensitive to make fun of something that destroyed so many families.

“Ugh. I love Aisha. She was a role model before. It’s disappointing. Vows and loyalty are no joke. Fake ring, take it off, or put it on further (I can’t tell) it’s crazy for me Said. I think she is a beautiful woman, she is just too much,” wrote Twitter user @adarathexplorer.

One Twitter account also attempted to ask its followers who was worse between the controversial Brittany Mahomes (wife of Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes) and Ayesha. Another commenter, @NoMoreMatrix, said: “People may find Mahome’s wife annoying but her loyalty and dedication to him and her family is unquestionable. Can we say the exact same thing about Aisha ?”

“You can win 5 championships, make a billion dollars, show off your muscles, the president and ex-president of your country know you, girls all over the world want you, LeBron is jealous of your game, but you still can’t please Ayesha Curry ,” added a third commentator @NbaWhiteBoye.

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