Barry Roberts Obituary: Cinderford RFC Commercial Mourn Passing, Cause of Death

Barry Roberts Death And Obituary – The Cinderford Rugby Club is devastated by the loss of Barry Roberts, who had been a loyal member for a very long period. Roberts has been a club member for a very long time.

The team officials, players, staff, and supporters would like to send their heartfelt sympathies to Sue, Donna and Simon, Cheryl and Steve, the rest of his family, as well as his countless friends. He had a sister named Sue, a wife named Donna, a daughter named Cheryl, and two sons named Steve. Barry was so well regarded by everyone in the town and at the rugby club where he spent many years of his life that everyone who knew him will terribly miss him. Barry spent a major chunk of his life at the rugby club, which explains why.

This is because Barry dedicated a sizable portion of his life to working at the rugby club. Barry, I hope you’ll be able to unwind soon. The club will also be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this weekend in remembrance of the deceased. Thanks for having such a thorough knowledge, I appreciate it. I appreciate your thorough understanding of the circumstances.

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