Brittany Joy tiktok died, What happened to Brittany – death and obituary

Brittany Joy tiktok dead, Whats happened to Brittany – death and obituary
My heart goes out to BrittanyJoy and her family and friends. RIP to such a funny and joyous person. I’ve linked the GoFundMe below to support her family at this time. Love on your people a lil extra tonight.

Hello, my name is Tiffany, I am Britney Joy’s sister and Shirley Smith’s daughter.

Unfortunately, my mother and sister left us prematurely in an accident in Houston involving a reckless driver. That’s when my sister, dear TikToker Britney Joy, took the internet by storm with her 9-to-5 videos. Everyone relates to their story and their characters.

Unfortunately, we were not fully prepared to have my sister and my mother rest at the same time. It happened so suddenly that I never expected it. Losing my best friend.

Please consider donating whatever you can. It all helps.

For fans of Britney Joy, we want to hold a memorial service for her and my mother to celebrate their lives.

Brittany Joy is a mother of two, author, coffee drinker, and passionate advocate for self-acceptance. She lives in a small country town with her nature-loving husband and children. For the past two years, she has been blogging at Bodacious Brittany on topics including self-acceptance, recovery from food culture, marriage and motherhood. She stands for many things, but most of all she is herself – and she cares about helping women be themselves physically.

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