Clay Bleam Obituary: Clay Bleam of Manson Lowa Passed Away, Cause of Death

Clay Bleam Death And Obituary – We won’t ever forget the wonderful influence you had on our community or the contributions you made to it. We shall always carry a part of you in our hearts. Everyone at the fire department is thinking of and praying for you, Shelly, Kylia, and Alex at this tough time. We are truly sorry for your family’s loss.

We want each of you to know that you are in our prayers and thoughts. We work hard to avoid being unhappy under any circumstances, but it’s proving to be challenging for us to do so. I think it would be ideal if you could make it here tonight because we were just ending up having a drink together on Sunday. Blum, Clay.

You have no clue how many individuals’ lives you have personally impacted as a result of your choices. How many people’s lives you have directly impacted is beyond your comprehension. You contribute to making this planet a better place, and just being alive is a stroke of good fortune in and of itself.

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