How to fix I can’t log in to Call of Duty Mobile due to authorization error

How to fix I can't log in to Call of Duty Mobile due to authorization error

Call of Duty Mobile login failure because of an authorization issue: The Indian government has outlawed PUBG Mobile in the nation following a great deal of speculation and rumors. Yet given that the COD has been accessible through the Play Store for months, it doesn’t appear to have a significant impact on many users. Call of Duty is becoming more popular among players as PUBG is no longer accessible.

Many Call of Duty Mobile users are currently complaining that they are unable to log in owing to an authorization error. While the game is loading, this error happens. Do you play Call of Duty Mobile and are you having the same problems? Don’t worry, though, since in this piece we’ll show you how to quickly fix Call of Duty Mobile login issues. Let’s talk about the root reasons of the issue before we get started, shall we?

call-because-mobile-cannot-login due to authorization error

This mistake might be
Internet server instability or absence of issues
faulty app data
Earlier iterations of the program
Use of a banned account

Step 1: Examine network congestion and address Call of Duty Mobile won’t let me log in because of a permission error.

If you have a LAN connection to the Internet, restart your computer.
Load up any browser of your choosing, go to, and perform a quick test there.
Wait until the complete test is done and the results are generated.
Your drop types disconnect issue can be brought on by a ping that is excessively high, greater than 100ms.
The only thing you can do in such circumstances is contact your ISP.

Step 2: Examine the server for problems

Occasionally the issue is brought on by a server outage because of maintenance or for any other reason. The Twitter administrator can check for server-related issues, or you can log in to the site, where contributors and maintainers will notify users of any server-related problems.

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Step 3:Clear game storage and cache to fix Can’t log in to Call of Duty Mobile due to authorization error

When you’re ready, open the app drawer or on the home screen look for Call of Duty.
When you find it, long-press on the application and choose to view App Details.
Find and access the storage settings once you are in the App details.
To see if the problem persists, try emptying the cache first, then launching the game. Reopen the storage if the issue reappears.
Choose clear storage this time. All game storage will be deleted.
Try logging in now using your credentials.


This is how to solve it right now. Call of Duty Mobile login is not possible owing to an authorization problem. Share this article with your gaming buddies if this post was helpful in solving your issue so they can use the solutions listed above as well. That being said, it’s time for you to bid me adieu. Keep checking back with us for more articles like this. Up till then, keep it technical!

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