Mooncakeva leaked OF, Mooncake Eva onlyfans on twitter and reddit videos

Mooncakeva leaked OF, Mooncake Eva onlyfans on twitter and reddit videos
A growing number of NHS and social workers have revealed they are ditching their healthcare jobs to sell homemade porn and suggestive images. Some have traded hard and low-paying work for OnlyFans, and since many of their subscribers pay around £10 a month, they earn over £1,000 a day.

The charity said they “received regular calls from NHS staff – especially nurses – about the website”. Most, they claimed, were mothers.

But the Confederation of British Prostitutes (ECP), a campaign group that supports women in adult work, has also warned it is concerned about increasing levels of “stalking and harassment” these women face.

OnlyFans is a social media platform primarily for adult content creators.

Last month, former Norfolk paramedics Kelly Winterson, 26, (left) and Emily Rose, 28, (right) announced they were both retiring from the grueling demands of frontline roles they had endured 15 hour shift and contacted OnlyFans. Their mental health was “destroyed”. The couple opened a full-time joint account in early February after seeing “others transform their lives on the platform” and are now “a million times happier”.

Swathes sells personalized pictures and videos (often nude) to fans who pay a monthly fee. Notable users include former glamor model Katie Price, who currently charges her subscribers around £7 a month.

Other celebrities, musicians, and comedians also use the site for non-pornographic content.

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