Morgan Freeman: Actor’s “Fake Video” Goes Viral, Purportedly “Blasting” President Biden

Morgan Freeman: Actor's

A video that claims Morgan Freeman attacked Joe Biden has been making the rounds online. But, this is not the first time that such rumors about Biden have surfaced online. But this time, it’s Morgan’s criticism of Biden that has internet users reacting similarly. But is it really the case?

Continue reading to learn more about the viral video in which Morgan Freeman is seen criticizing Joseph Biden.

Internet users are going crazy over a video of Morgan Freeman criticizing Joseph Biden.

Even still, hearing tales about Joe Biden is nothing new. We have previously encountered a lot of these rumors. Even the President allegedly slid down the stairs, according to one. A new viral video, however, claims that Morgan Freeman has now attacked Joseph Biden.

Millions of people saw the viral video after it became viral on social media. Even some online users thought Morgan Freeman was in the video that showed the man. Was the popular video regarding Morgan Freeman true, though?

Was Joe Biden criticized by Morgan Freeman?

Stew Peters, the host of The Stew Peters Show, sent a tweet with the video that read, “Morgan Freeman BLASTS Joe Biden for being an incompetent ice-cream-loving fool.” Here is how it all came to light.

But, a TikTok user named @luispabon60 tweeted the video which quickly became popular on social media.

But even before that, it was a video posted by @themanofmanyvoices, another TikTok user. The user creates videos using filters that can transform the user’s face into the face of some famous people. He even mimics famous voices to make it seem more realistic.

Hence, the viral video purporting to show Morgan Freeman criticizing Joe Biden was fake and Freeman was not the individual in the video.

How should bogus news be handled on the internet?

While everyone uses the internet to read news on various topics. Not all of the information you can find online is accurate. Even bogus and misleading news can be found online. It may not only have an impact on you but also on those you forward it to.

As a result, you should always check the validity of any information you come across. in case that ends up being a phony. Wherever you locate the information, you must report it online or via social media. This will stop the propagation of false information.

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