Osvalds Spagis Obituary: How Did Osvalds Spagis Die, Cause of Death

Osvalds Spagis Death And Obituary – The passing of Osvalds (Ozzie) Spagis on March 14, 2023, at the age of 87, is mourned by his family. In Usvete, Russia, on August 12, 1935, Ozzie was born. He has three sisters and four brothers. In February 1950, Ozzie’s mother, his two younger sisters, and they left Europe.

Ozzie, 14, and the group set sail for Halifax, Newfoundland. The family traveled across the country to Picture Butte and then settled in Canmore, Alberta. Ozzie reconnected with his siblings but not with his father. In Canmore, Ozzie ran into Elaine. When they first met, Ozzie was taking accordion lessons from a man who lived in Elaine’s family shed. On September 4, 1954, they got hitched. Gerry was born in 1956, four years after Melanie. They relocated to Creston, BC, in 1969. Ozzie had seven great-grandchildren in addition to five grandchildren. Ozzie toiled away at numerous difficult projects. Ozzie was an excellent storyteller and related many gruesome working tales. With a smile and a sinister glimmer, Ozzie would relate tales of mill disasters, dynamite scares, motel fires, and coal mine tragedies.

When he wasn’t working, Ozzie kept himself busy and was outside. He went snowmobiling and cut wood on the mountain in the winter, and he tented and visited the lake with their rowdy friends in the summer. Weekends were spent with cards, booze, and laughter. gardener, tinkerer, and fixer. He had a solid frame. Ozzie received jeers for using 24 screws and a full bag of cement to secure one nail. Nothing he created was ever feeble! His wife always took good care of Ozzie. Every morning before work, Elaine prepared his lunch. She also met his preferences for simple meals. Always, he would say, “Potatoes.” Then, after learning about Royal Red wine, he bought it by the gallon and raved about how delicious and affordable it was. Ozzie started to frequent Tim Hortons the most.

When the coffee was this delicious, why change it? Although Ozzie cherished his family, his pets came first. You could tell his tough man persona was a facade when you saw him with his animals. The best steak and one last lick of ice cream were always reserved for the dogs. In order to share his meals with his canine companions, Ozzie frequently wrapped some of his meals in a napkin and placed them in Elaine’s purse. He loved and rescued a lot of animals. They frequently accompanied him on his travels, leisurely strolls, and especially when he relaxed in his rocking chair in front of his picture window and watched the world go by.

Ozzie had nine lives, just like one of his cats. He was arrogant. Courageous. Gracious. His family had always come first to him. With his loved ones, Ozzie passed away gently. Elaine, his wife of 68 years, his children Melanie (Len) Skerik and Gerry (Wendy) Spagis, grandchildren Keri (Nick) Blakeney, Kristi (Ed) Harper, Caili (Kyle) Strom, Jaina (Ivy) Spagis, and Braden (Colleen) Spagis, great-grandchildren Logan, Carter, Luca, Jakzen, Maguire, Elijah, and Navy, sisters Valja Per the family’s wish, no service.


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