Patrick Guzman death and obituary, star in our TV Show death

Patrick Guzman dead and obituary, star in our TV Show death
Remember 90s matinee icon Patrick Guzman? Find out what happened to him after he left the local show business in this gallery.

Do you remember model/actor Patrick Guzman? Patrick rose in popularity in the 90s and was one of the most popular actors of the time.

Patrick is scooped up as a model by a popular watch brand. He also appeared on the Kapamilya TV show Ready, Set, Go. The post-90s hottie has also acted in several films such as Koronang Itim, Sisa and Una Ka Nang Akin. But what happened to him after the show business spotlight faded?

The actor, who last played Gomez Adams on the hit Netflix series, plays film archivist Raoul, Cherie Jones’ studio manager, in the new flick to keep a 40-year-old From the secrets of existence to slaughter. Raoul teams up with Natasha Lyonne’s Charlie Cale to unravel the mysterious deaths of Laura’s colleagues Max (Tim Ruth) and Arthur (Nick Nolte). He played a vital role in bringing long overdue justice.

The secret Laura is trying to keep hidden is that she is responsible for the seemingly accidental drowning of a young actress during the production of one of her company’s early films. After discovering footage while digitizing old films, Max warns his co-worker and soon-to-be ex-wife that he’s making her an authority. It was the wrong choice, as Laura decided to poison him, but before Max could catch his breath, he jumped off the balcony and ruined his face as part of his computer’s multifactorial empowerment. Laura turns to Arthur and tells him she needs a bust of Max so she can grieve, but he soon learns the truth. Despite Arthur’s promise to keep Laura a secret, he is killed for knowing, and Charlie and Raoul need to help avenge the people who paid for Laura’s crimes.

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