Pugh Brian Obituary: How Did Pugh Brian Died, Cause of Death

Pugh Brian Obituary: How Did Pugh Brian Died, Cause of Death

Pugh Brian Death And Obituary – Pugh Brian At the age of 86, who had lived his whole life in Altofts, passed away on May 9th in the comfort of his own home while surrounded by his loving family. He had spent his entire life in Altofts. Brian’s wife, Joan, will recall him as a devoted and caring husband. His two children, Sharon and Christopher, will recall him as a devoted grandfather and father. His offspring, Ian and Debbie, will recall him as a charming father-in-law.

There will be a funeral service. After the funeral service is over, the cremation will occur. On your way out of the cremation, you’ll come across a donation box. It is marked with the term “Donations.” Any donations that were gladly received for Yorkshire Cancer Research are welcome to be put in the box. Feel free to do so whenever is most convenient for you. The family has requested donations be made in their honor rather than flowers. If you have any questions, you are strongly encouraged to contact R. J. Burgess Funeral Directors.

And lastly, Connor, his grandson, will remember him as a cherished grandpa. Joan, Brian’s wife, will also remember him as a kind grandfather who Connor, their grandson, cherished. Those who knew and loved him will feel a deep and lasting sense of loss as a result of his passing. The funeral service and cremation will take place at Pontefract Crematorium on Friday, June 2, at 11:40 a.m.

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