Regan Geisinger iowa death and obituary, Private practice, Johnson City death

Regan Geisinger iowa dead and obituary, Private practice, Johnson City death

We appreciate your interest in the dermatology training program at the University of Iowa. The University has a strong commitment to excellence in dermatology and offers teaching, clinical, and research opportunities. It might be useful to know what drew me to the University of Iowa because many of you who view this site are likely considering enrolling in classes there.

A lengthy history of top-notch dermatology training comes first. The department of dermatology at Iowa State has expertise in both medical and surgical dermatology, and its staff is dedicated to sharing their knowledge with our trainees. The teaching staff is made up of junior faculty members who are enthusiastic and innovative as well as older faculty who are knowledgeable and experienced.

Additionally, the development of dermatology has been a joint effort between Carver College of Medicine and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Both have lately made investments in the department’s infrastructure and new academic opportunities.

In addition, the department keeps tight relations with the Veteran’s Hospital, which is situated next to the UIHC facility. The VA promotes dermatology-related clinical training programs and research. Last but not least, the program has received steadfast, continuous support from University of Iowa alumni as well as the local dermatology and patient population. These elements of the curriculum, in my opinion, made Iowa a fantastic opportunity for me and a fantastic educational experience.

Modern patient care and clinical research facilities are available in this department. At the Marshall Dermatology Research Laboratory, the department also has lab space for basic and clinical research. Clinical, translational, and basic science dermatology research opportunities are now available through new NIH, VA, and industry-sponsored programs.

Iowa City University, one of the top 10 universities in eastern Iowa, has a lot to offer. Our pupils can have satisfying lives. To learn more about the fantastic prospects in Iowa City, I hope you will come see us there.

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