Robert Flores Death: Died Following Tornado in Laguna Heights, Texas

Robert Flores Death: Died Following Tornado in Laguna Heights, Texas

The Flores family, who were impacted by the tornado that struck Laguna Heights, Texas, is being asked for prayers by Pulga Brownsville.

They grieve Robert Flores’ passing and offer their condolences to his family.

Robert Flores was renowned for his friendly disposition and strong work ethic. He had a job in South Padre Island and was dedicated to supporting himself and his future.

But his death came suddenly and unexpectedly.

The author of the post is appealing for money to show their respect, enable family and friends to assemble, and cover the costs. Then they all receive blessings.

Two fatalities were reported early this morning as a potential tornado slammed the region. Robert Lopez, the chief of police of Port Isabel, confirmed the fatalities to FOX3.

Numerous injuries and property damage were reported by Laguna Heights Emergency Management. Radar assessments place the probable tornado’s time of occurrence at 4:01 AM on Saturday.

According to Cameron County Emergency Manager Tom Hushen, a thorough search for victims is being carried out near Van Buren and Highway 100 (East Ocean Boulevard) by moving from building to building. Hushen told FOX3 this morning that the storm last night had left many people hurt.

The residence of Catherine Valdez’s brother, whose home was devastated by the tornado, was in Laguna Heights, so she went there to pick him up. Valdez described the sight as resembling a battle zone and related how her brother and his dog had been left traumatized after being struck in the face by a blown-in window.

The tragedy left Valdez speechless, and she remarked that although her brother had lost everything, he was grateful to still be alive.

On May 13, 2023, at 8:05 AM, a FOX3 team shot upsetting images in Laguna Heights.

The area has experienced tornado damage, according to the emergency management coordinator for Cameron County.

Highway 100 is currently closed between Laguna Vista and Port Isabel while cleanup is being done.

Around 4 AM this morning, there were reports of injuries and property damage in the Laguna Heights region, according to the US National Weather Service in Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

To determine the extent of the damage and whether a tornado was to blame, a survey team has been sent to the area.

Later today, more updates will be given.

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