Ronald Concillo Obituary: Riviera Beach Police Department Mourn Passing, Cause of Death

Ronald Concillo Death And Obituary – We regret to inform you that on March 13, 2023, Officer Ronald Concillo passed away. We offer this announcement with a heavy heart and great sorrow.

For more than 26 years, Officer Ronald Concillo has proudly served and safeguarded the community, devoting his whole life to a profession in law enforcement. Because of his strong dedication to his work, Officer Concillo was able to rescue many lives while also endangering his own life to see that justice was done. He was a brave, respectable, and committed police officer, but he was also a very kind and caring man, a loyal husband, son, and friend.

The funeral services will be held at the Christ Fellowship Church, which is located at 801 N Congress Ave in Boynton Beach, Florida. March 21, 2023, on a Tuesday
The public viewing will be available starting at 12 p.m., and the funeral ceremony will start at 1 p.m. Everyone is respectfully invited to attend, including members of the family, close friends, and police enforcement. The family asks that money be directed to the following GoFundMe page in lieu of flowers, and that people share the information so that others can help them in their time of need.


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