Roy Ackland Obituary: Longtime Host of Roy’s Folks Passed Away, Cause of Death

Roy Ackland Death And Obituary – The 84-year-old Roy Ackland passed away. He was the longstanding host of the Roy’s People FOX8 Community Spotlight series. One of the most famous television voices and faces in North Carolina is Akland. The friendly and approachable weatherman pulled us all together with Roy’s People.

Ackland, who was born on March 22nd, 1938, was raised in England until his academic and author father decided to relocate the family to Texas. His expertise in the weather during his time in the Air Force helped him break into the television industry. Ackland began collaborating with Positively Piedmont photojournalist David Weatherly in 1987 after becoming a weatherman for WGHP. They are the ideal couple. The show’s name changed to “Roy’s People” the next year, following a journey from Murphy to Manteo.

The two spent three decades exploring the state and the South in search of distinctive characters for WGHP viewers in every county as well as for the television networks that also broadcast the series. The pair showcases the best of North Carolina, sharing both commonplace tales and significant historical events, such as the 1999 relocation of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from the approaching water.

Roy’s Folkcraft Fair, which attracted thousands of visitors and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army, took place in place of the collection, which typically consists of his wife and three daughters. In 2017, Ackland retired to eastern North Carolina, and Chad Tucker carried on the popular show that is now known as Roy’s People.

See a few of the stories Roy has been developing over the years.

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