Serpent Mound Obituary: Killed in Suicide, Cause of Death

Serpent Mound Death And Obituary – Law enforcement officers in Adams County started an investigation on Wednesday into a case that seems to be a murder-suicide. The case fits the profile of a murder-suicide. According to the authorities, someone is reported to have fired several rounds at the Southern Ohio Lumber Company at around 2:14 p.m. The Adam County Communication Center got a 911 call about the incident.

The Southern Ohio Lumber Company is where the incident took place. One of our sources claims that the perpetrator fled the crime site after reportedly opening fire on a female employee of the business. “It’s my understanding that they were going through a divorce and that there has been some material that just came to light today,” said Kenny Dick, an investigator for the Adam County Prosecutor’s Office and the Adam County Coroner’s office.

It could have been the cause of his actions. Dick works for the Adam County Sheriff’s Office as an investigator as well. Dick serves as an investigator as well as a deputy with the Adam County Sheriff’s Office. They were divorcing, and today some fresh information has just surfaced regarding new events. According to what I gather, they were divorcing. based on the investigation’s results.

On the day in question, both members of the marriage were employed at the lumber mill, but their work hours were distinct from one another. “They are both employed by this same company in some manner. His presence there at this time and in this place was impolite. Since it was his week off from work, it was therefore unreasonable to expect that he would be here today even if they both work at this location, Dick stated.

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