Stan Mellick Obituary: How Did Stan Mellick Die, Cause of Death

Stan Mellick Death And Obituary – When we found out that Dr. Stan Mellick OAM had passed away soon after we heard the news of his demise, we were deeply saddened. He had been a unique person to each and every one of us.

Stan was the type of person that greatly influenced the growth of our country and was admired by many as a role model. He played a significant role in our history. His wife Sally, the rest of his family, and everyone who supported him during this trying period have our deepest condolences. We appreciate everyone who came to his aid.

We appreciate all of the support and assistance you have given us. He will be laid to rest at a funeral service tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., and the service will be broadcast live online so that everyone whose life he touched and everyone he inspired can offer their condolences and say goodbye to him. He will be buried in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City Cemetery. He will be buried in the cemetery on Wednesday.

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