State Fair of Texas shooting today, Active shooter news now, Dallas police say

State Fair of Texas shooting today, Active shooter news now,Dallas police say

The State Fair of Texas is being evacuated after a shooting, according to the Dallas Police Department. Due to the active situation, details are limited; however, a suspect is in custody, according to police. DPD is asking everyone to avoid the area.

Evacuations are underway after a shooting at Texas State Fair Park Saturday night, police said. The Dallas Police Department tweeted that it was investigating the shooting, that the park was being evacuated and a suspect was in custody. DFW Scanner said on Twitter that multiple injuries were reported and an ambulance was requested to the scene.

The State Fair of Texas is a celebration that transcends generations, a cherished tradition that has captivated the hearts of Texans and visitors from around the world for over a century. This remarkable event, held annually in Dallas, is a vibrant fusion of tradition, innovation, and, of course, the undeniable spirit of the Lone Star State.


A Rich Heritage: Founded in 1886, the State Fair of Texas has a rich heritage, steeped in the cultural tapestry of Texas. It has not only survived but thrived through generations, proving itself to be a timeless symbol of Texan pride and community.

The Iconic Big Tex: The towering figure of Big Tex, standing tall at the entrance, has been a welcoming beacon to fairgoers since 1952. This 55-foot-tall cowboy with a friendly smile embodies the spirit of Texas and signifies the beginning of a memorable adventure.

Innovation at Every Turn: While tradition is a cornerstone of the State Fair, innovation is its heartbeat. Every year, fair organizers push the boundaries, introducing exciting new exhibits, foods, and attractions. From car shows and agriculture exhibits to cutting-edge technology showcases, there’s something for everyone.

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