Sumatran Conservationist Rahmad Saleh Simbolon Passed Away at Age 47

Sumatran Conservationist Rahmad Saleh Simbolon Passed Away at Age 47

Rahmad Saleh Simbolon, the director of the Indonesian conservation organization in the province of Jambi, was well-known for his accomplishments in the South and North Sumatra protected forest regions.

Rahmad Saleh Simbolon, a conservationist, Passed Away. What happened?

On August 9, Rahmad Saleh Simbolon had a heart attack and passed away at the age of 47. In the Indonesian province of Jambi, he was in charge of the conservation organization.

An Indonesian Elephant Conservation Forum member who also confirmed Rahmad’s passing said that he was known as a conservationist and someone with a strong work ethic. On August 6, three days before he passed away, Rahmad established the 4.4-hectare Elephant Conservation Information Center, which Jambi Governor Al Haris officially opened earlier this month.

His name appears on the center’s main chamber.

Simbolon, Rahmad Saleh Family, Early Life, And Age

In Padang Sidempuan, a small town on the Trans-Sumatra Highway in the North Sumatra province, Rahmad Saleh Simbolon was born in 1975. He was only 47 years old when he passed away. It’s challenging to find detailed information on his family history and parents because there isn’t much online regarding his personal life as of now.

He doesn’t have much information online, thus it’s difficult to find anything relevant to him. As a result, we are unable to give you any recent details about his early life. We will update all of our information about him as soon as we learn more about him.

The career of Rahmad Saleh Simbolon, What Did he do For a Living?

Rahmad Saleh fought to safeguard the environment. After that, he started working at Sembilang National Park on the northern shore of South Sumatra, a peatland habitat with more than 250 bird species and a diverse human population. He served in Sembilang from 2007 to 2010, then relocated farther north to assume a job in the critical Leuser Ecosystem, which oversees Aceh and North Sumatra.

Rahmad expressed his feelings about his new role as the director of the conservation agency for the province of Jambi to the media and activists in May 2018 by saying that he had been given a huge responsibility. The critical ecological area of 54,000 hectares (133,000 acres) set aside for elephant preservation was designed in part by Rahmad.

He used his outreach skills to coordinate with the local community, government, businesses, and organizations to make the zone a reality. Rahmad also granted access to reporters in Jambi covering the environment.

Which college and school did he attend?

Prior to working for the Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in the South Sumatra province starting in 2000, Rahmad completed a conservation degree at the forestry faculty of Bogor Agricultural University.

Simbolon, Rahmad Saleh Total Assets, What is his salary?

Since there is no publicly accessible information on this person, it is currently unknown what their net worth is.

Wife of Rahmad Saleh Simbolon, What about their connection?

As of this writing, there is no information accessible on his personal life; nevertheless, as soon as our research team is able to get the necessary data regarding his way of life, it will be updated.

His Social Media Platform?

We were unable to locate him on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since we reasoned that he might not be there or might be there under a different account.

If we learn anything new about his social media activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other site in the future, we’ll update this piece.

Height, Weight, And Physical Characteristics of Rahmad Saleh Simbolon

eight Feet: N / A
Meter: N / A
Centimeter: N / A
Weight Kilogram: N / A
Pounds: N / A
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Body type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Quick Facts About Rahmad Saleh Simbolon That Should be Known

Nationality Indonesia
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign N / A
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship/Married/Divorced N / A
Current Spouse N / A
Children N / A


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