Susanna Gibson leaked pictures and videos on twitter and reddit, sex-livestream revelation

Susanna Gibson leaked pictures and videos on twitter and reddit, sex-livestream revelation

Virginia Democrats are defending their candidate for a competitive state House seat against Republicans’ “desperate” efforts to exploit her image on adult porn websites.

The state Republican Party admitted it sent thousands of “explicit” flyers to constituents in House District 57 that reportedly contained still images of Democrat Susanna Gibson having live-streamed sex acts with her husband.

The nurse and first-time candidate described a report released last month that said the couple appeared on the porn site Chaturbate in exchange for electronic “tips” as “gutter politics.” Video of their encounter was archived last year, but it’s unclear when it was filmed, The Washington Post reported.

The emails read “Warning: Contains explicit content” and “Do not open if under 18,” and included a censored quote from Gibson, Richmond news station NBC12 reported.


Her campaign issued a statement denouncing the messages and the timing of the emails, just two weeks before Election Day when she faces Republican David Irvin in a tight race.

“David Irvin and the Virginia Republican Party are trying to distract voters from their extreme agenda of banning abortion, defunding schools, and giving violent criminals access to weapons of war,” the statement said.

“Voters are tired of these desperate attacks and will not be fooled by them. Nothing can stop their commitment to our communities.”

The seat is critical to the Republican effort to gain a majority in both houses of Congress and to support the extremist policies of Virginia’s Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, who supports a 15-week abortion ban .

Democrats currently hold a slim lead in the state Senate. In 2021, the Republicans regained a narrow lead in the House of Representatives.

The Virginia Democratic House Committee defended Gibson personally and questioned the Republicans’ motives.

“MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans can’t help but show their true colors. This is a desperate attempt to distract and divert attention from many candidates who want to formally ban abortion,” the group said in a statement. attention. “

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“Let’s not forget that David Irving was the man caught on camera saying he wanted to change the makeup of the General Assembly to introduce a ban. VA Republicans can’t be trusted and it’s been shown time and time again. “

Virginia Republican Party Chairman Rich Anderson told the media: “Gibson’s campaign falsely claimed that the video of her publicly engaging in sexual activity on a public porn website was ‘leaked’ by a Republican.” In fact, the opposite was true. case.

“The Washington Post article used previously published mainstream media news reports and Gibson’s own public statements recorded on video to correct her false statements.”

Youngkin told the station he had not seen the email but believed Gibson should be held responsible. “This candidate’s personal life needs to be explained to people and the Democratic Party needs to have a say in it,” he said.

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