Themjbaby leaked onlyf@ns on twitter and reddit, mj baby video and photo

Themjbaby leaked onlyf@ns on twitter and reddit, mj baby video and photo

Frank Prieto, Courtney Clenney’s lawyer, told TMZ… “The estate is pursuing wrongful death compensation in the hopes of receiving a significant sum in damages due to the high policy limits of these businesses. Courtney has no property that can be seized in an estate.

Courtney was a victim of domestic abuse, and the measures she took on the evening of April 3, 2022 were intended to save her life, Prieto continued. The civil case will fail once she receives a favorable verdict in her criminal case. The family of Courtney Clenney, the OnlyF model accused of killing Christian Obusmeli, has brought her before the court and demanded that she pay for his funeral.

Christian’s estate is suing Courtney and others for their negligence in relation to his horrible knife death, according to a new lawsuit seen by TMZ. According to the filings, Christian’s medical care and funeral expenses have cost the estate a lot, and they are asking Courtney for financial assistance.

In addition, Christian’s family has endured and will continue to endure emotional anguish and suffering, and Courtney’s estate is suing for damages for the loss of Christian’s past, present, and future assistance and services to the family. Remember… Courtney is accused of stabbing Christian in April 2022 and is now being tried for second-degree murder. She admitted stabbing him when she was arrested four months after the fatal incident, but she insisted that she did so out of self-defense. Christian’s family has long held the opinion that Courtney brutally murdered him.Her family has already stated that they want her to be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. We’ve spoken with Courtney’s legal team about the lawsuit…no response as of yet.

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