Tom Joyner Obituary: Jaws’ First AD & Frank Capra, Cause of Death

Tom Joyner Death And Obituary – Tom Joyner, a radio presenter, is the subject of another death fake that has surfaced online. When a website announced the passing of a Hollywood assistant director with the same name, it raised confusion.

Internet users believed Tom Joyner, 73, who was mistaken for the well-known radio host, was dead, but he is actually still alive and well.

Deadline broke the news of assistant director Joyner’s passing first, stating that he passed away on February 22 at the age of 79 following a protracted struggle with cancer and heart illness.

Joyner served as both an assistant director and the production manager. He contributed to a number of well-known movies, such as Predator 2 and The Blues Brothers (1980) by Stephen Hopkins and Jaws (1975) by Steven Spielberg (1990).

Joyner earned the DGA’s Frank Capra Achievement Award in 1999 in honor of his contributions to the Guild and career achievements.

The discovery of another Tom Joyner stunned the internet.

Several people believed radio presenter Tom Joyner had passed away when the word of his death spread online. But, they were relieved when the confusion subsided and it became evident that the morning show host was both alive and unharmed.

Several individuals tweeted if they hadn’t already heard about the other Joyner person by the time they discovered about the assistant director.

Because there is another Tom Joyner whose admirers are startled and outraged, many have requested that the website that initially published the article on the death of the “white guy” Joyner be reposted and his identity made clear.

As everyone assumed that her Joyner was the one who had died, the black community in America was shocked. As it was revealed that the 73-year-old ex-musician was still alive, fans started crying on Twitter. The family of another Joyner received their sympathies as well.

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