US Man Tries Butter Chicken And Naan For The First Time, Watch His Reaction

US Man Tries Butter Chicken And Naan For The First Time, Watch His Reaction

Indian cuisine has a global fan following. Its unique spices and tantalising flavours capture the hearts and taste buds of people all around the world. Signature dishes like shahi paneer, dal makhani, butter naan, and jalebi have become iconic representatives of Indian culinary excellence. Many foreigners often share videos of themselves enjoying various types of Indian food on social media. A recent video that has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter) features just such a moment. A foreigner tried an Indian meal and was so thoroughly impressed that he exclaimed, “My taste buds have been violated. That should be a crime.”

In his first-ever Indian food adventure, an American man placed an order at India Oven, a local Indian restaurant in Kentucky. He ordered onion bhajia, butter chicken, garlic naan, rice, and gulab jamun. Seated in a car, he savoured each dish in succession. Starting with the onion bhajia, he found it quite pleasing, rating it 8 out of 10. Next up was the garlic naan, which he praised with a remarkable 9.5 rating, saying, “This might be the best bread I have ever had in my life.” Moving on to the butter chicken, he couldn’t help but shower it with compliments, describing it as “absolutely delicious” and “divine,” and giving it a 9.9 rating. The real game-changer was when he dipped the naan into the chicken dish, which truly astonished him. He concluded his meal with gulab jamun. Take a look at the video:

With more than 240k views and over 25k reposts, this video is clearly a hit. One person wrote, “This was 100% my reaction to Indian food the first time I had it as a little kid in Iowa.”

Another one added, “Now I want butter chicken and garlic naan.”

A person said, “Butter chicken + butter naan is one of the best things in existence.”

“His reaction to garlic naan is spot on,” commented a user.

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