Watch 48 oysters video leaked video, Woman ate 48 oysters on a date

48 oysters video leaked video, Woman ate 48 oysters on a date

It turns out there is no world beneath her feet. An Atlanta woman went viral online after she posted a video on TikTok of herself gobbling down 48 oysters while on a date with a man, slurping the sound, and later eating crab cakes and sweet potato appetizers. Being laughed at.

The man reportedly had only one glass of wine – because he didn’t think he would order food – but saw her devouring plate after plate of food. He reportedly excused himself to use the bathroom after the meal and left his date, allegedly leaving her with a $184 bill.

48 oysters video

“Why did he say he was going to the bathroom and never came back? I’m like, wait. It’s been 10, 20, 30 minutes.” @equanaaa (aka EquanaB) in a post that has been viewed over scolded her followers in 2 million postmortems.


The incident took place at Fontaine’s Oyster House, where the staff were admittedly surprised that she had swallowed so many of nature’s aphrodisiacs. “I have to say, I haven’t let a woman eat this much in a minute,” general manager Kelsey Flanagan told Rolling Stone. “But you know, she ate cookies and stuff like that. But, yeah, she put it away. That’s pretty impressive.”

On the other hand, it’s apparently not that unusual. “This is nothing new to us,” said Flanagan, who said EquanaB was actually “very pleasant” and confirmed the incident was not staged. “This is so funny.” In the viral video, EquanaB also showed what she claimed were screenshots of text messages between her and the man, when she complained that he didn’t make dinner.

“I offered to take you out for a drink and you ordered all the food,” her date wrote before offering a cocktail. “I can redeem all the drinks.” EquanaB’s video of swallowing shellfish didn’t win her any friends online, either.

“I’m glad he’s gone…sitting across from you can be a scary sight,” one person commented under her video. Another added: “You’re eating your oyster while this guy is planning his escape.”

“Well damn mum! Just one sip will make me leave,” chimed in a third. Others continued to defend the man in the comments of the video, with one user adding: “He literally said can we have a drink together? Then you started guzzling half an ocean.”

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