Watch Hania Amir new video viral leaked on twitter, Videos and photos on Telegram

Hania Amir new video viral leaked on twitter, Videos and photos on Telegram
Since the invention of social media, the world has been kicking and kicking. You can sit at home and see information and things from other countries. Pakistani dance videos are very popular on YouTube these days. People are happy to see Pakistani girls dancing to popular Hindi film industry songs. Many Pakistani influencers have become famous in India for their great performances in Bollywood songs. One such video has gone viral on the internet, showing popular Pakistani actress Hania Amir dancing to the hit song “Patakha Guddi”. The video was well received by the audience. The Pakistani dance video has garnered 1.2 million likes so far.

In the video, Pakistani actress Hania Aamir can be seen dancing with another girl to Alia Bhatt’s famous song “Patakha Guddi”. Fans were left devastated after seeing the actress’ bubbly demeanor and flawless dance.

“She’s my favourite. We love you Hania,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “Hania is better than most social media influencers.” One wrote, “Hania An accomplished actress. Love her and give her more power. She deserves the best.”
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Shagun Pandey’s comment caught the attention of many who saw it. Some of them responded with jokes and teasing. One of them said, “Bro, keep your eyes on our girl. There’s nothing you can do; we don’t marry people outside our caste (country).” Another said, “If you want to marry her, You should convert to Islam.” Some of them also praised Shagun Pandey for his taste and courage.

However, Hania Aamir did not respond to Shagun Pandey’s comments or any of his previous comments. So far, she has been ignoring him and showing no interest in him. Maybe she doesn’t know how he feels, maybe she’s not interested in him.

Hania Aamir is a very popular and talented Pakistani actress. She has played many roles in various TV shows and movies. Some of her recent works are Parde Mein Rehne Do, Ishqiya, Dil Ruba, Mere Humsafar, Sang-e-Mah and Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha. She is also very active on social media with millions of followers.

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