Watch House of The Human Dog Leaked Video Gore, a Three-headed Man on Twitter

Casa del perro humano video filtrado gore, un hombre tres cabezas en twitter

A man kills his dog after beating it mercilessly for losing a race.
A culprit is seen ruthlessly mistreating a dog in a video that has gone viral on social media. The assailant, who claims to have lost a race in which a sizeable sum of money was on the line, is shown in the video seizing the animal by its hind legs and repeatedly slamming it to the ground.

Viewers have experienced intense emotions in response to the most recent example of animal maltreatment that has gained widespread attention on Chinese social media. In fact, so many people are outraged by it that they are urging swift action to find and apprehend the offender.

The person in the video had gambled on his own dog in a dog race and had lost a sizeable amount of money. The pictures depict the vicious thrashing he inflicted on the animal. He ruthlessly grabbed the dog’s rear legs and banged it repeatedly to the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, the mistreated animal was unable to withstand such a brutal attack and ultimately perished. In northeast China’s Xiong County, the pet shared a home with its owner. Tragically, the video’s cruelty doesn’t stop there.

The assailant yelled at “all dog owners,” telling them that if their animal wasn’t in decent shape, they should “eat him,” as he pummeled the dog. More than three million people have watched the video since it was posted to Pear Video.

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