Watch: Indian Man Smashes Coconuts On Heads To Set World Record

Watch: Indian Man Smashes Coconuts On Heads To Set World Record
Food-related world records often centre around jaw-dropping size/weight of food items or fascinating speed-eating skills. For instance, a teacher from Minnesota, US, recently broke the record for growing the world’s heaviest pumpkin. Before that, a Canadian man set a world record for eating the world’s spiciest chillies in the fastest time. But there are also other skills that are documented by Guinness World Records (GWR). Some of them are nothing short of bizarre. Among the latest grabbing eyeballs online is one attributed to a Karnataka man, KV Saidalavi.

Although his record is dated 4 February 2023, Guinness World Records only recently shared a video of his achievement on their X page. This seems to have renewed interest in the unusual feat. But what is it about this record that is grabbing eyeballs? In the clip, Saidalavi is seen smashing coconuts on people’s heads using a nunchaku! In the span of one minute, he managed to smash a total of 68 coconuts (and in doing so, he broke his own previous record of 42 coconuts). The video captures his actions, as well as the seemingly impassive expressions of some of the people with the coconuts on their heads. According to GWR, he performed this marvel on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Italy. Watch the clip below:

Before this, a man from Andhra Pradesh made headlines for another β€˜smashing’ record. His specific talent was cracking walnuts with his own head. Naveen Kumar S in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, holds the world record of 273 walnuts cracked with the head in one minute. GWR also shared a video of this feat.

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