Watch Laide Bakare Puna Video Leaked Video on Twitter And Reddit

Watch Laide Bakare Video Leaked Video Nude on Twitter And Reddit
Regarding her alleged social media posts of naked films and images, actress Laide Bakare has remained silent.

A blogger, Gistlover, claimed on Sunday that Ryder’s putative lover in Indianapolis released nude images of her on a WhatsApp group.

Only weeks after fellow Queen Njama released nude pictures of her from her ex-boyfriend, the blogger criticized Ryder for allegedly sending naked films and pictures of her to said partner.

“Dear Yeyebrities, stop sending your naked films or images to your lover, STOP, learn from Queen Legend, and now Laide Bakare don’t give her nudes, to tiny guys, because she’s in Indianapolis,” the blogger penned. Si’s talent is not being utilized because Puna is currently prevalent everywhere.

I don’t want to think about that incident; enough has been spoken; start crying now; self-discipline is crucial; exercise self-discipline.

The actress shared a video on Instagram on Monday to promote a movie she made, but she didn’t directly address the issue in it. In the video, she discovers her partner in bed with another woman.

Laide, who plays Kiishi, doesn’t believe her when her lover Jibola attempts to explain that all he does is massage ladies.

To find out how the secret was disclosed and how painful the betrayal was, Ryder implores her admirers to watch the film in the subtitles.

She stated, “The secret thus discloses the pain of betrayal, the shattering of disappointment.

In another Instagram Story video, Ryder can be heard singing along to the song Gratitude for Life.

She also responded to certain remarks made in relation to the aforementioned nude video on one of her postings.

One Instagram user, @tee bells, commented, “Damage control no,” to which the actress responded, “Haha!” and an emoji of laughter.

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