Watch Loveliasmith onlyfans on twittter leaked video, the videos and photos on reddit

 Loveliasmith onlyfans on twittter leaked video, the videos and photos on reddit

xQc has taken the streaming world by storm, signing a non-exclusive deal with Kick worth $100 million, but it seems the French-Canadian has no plans to join another popular platform.

Over the years, we’ve seen big names in the streaming world make fortunes off OnlyFans, including Amouranth and Alinity making more money than ever just on Twitch.

Although he was open to signing with new sites and taking his talents elsewhere, xQc drew the line at OnlyFans because he had too much “self-esteem.”

In a recent broadcast, xQc spoke about OnlyFans and vehemently rejected the possibility of filming adult content, regardless of his financial situation.


“I’m probably on my last leg. I’ve probably spent my last dime. I’m not going to visit OnlyFans. It’s absolutely mind-numbing,” the former Overwatch League pro said. “I’m not going to visit OnlyFans.” will do so. underlying behavior. “

Lengyel added that he’s been thinking about this topic a lot lately, thinking about the OnlyFans mentality and how creating this type of content leaves a disastrous digital footprint.

“People will save this shit and repost it. It’ll bother you. People are weird. People forget what people do. It’s garbage and people don’t like it, but that’s what people do,” he explained road.

xQc isn’t the only Twitch star to go off the grid by signing up for OnlyFans. Despite audience demand, Pokimane remains opposed to creating OF content, saying it’s simply not her career path.

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