Watch New Big foot video leaked, Colorado in broad daylight leaks photos and videos

New Big foot video leaked, Colorado in broad daylight leaks photos and videos

He did Sa-Squat-Ch. A couple on a romantic getaway in Colorado claim they captured the mysterious creature on camera in broad daylight as it wandered a hillside before sitting down to rest.

Eyewitnesses Shannon and Stetson Parker, who were enjoying a trip to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, claimed to have seen the legendary Lumock on the narrow gauge railroad between Durango and Silverton in the Centennial State’s far southwest corner Sightseeing in Sri Lanka.


“We were in the mountains looking for moose, and my husband saw something moving and couldn’t explain it. So he said, ‘Bigfoot!’” Shannon, a 44-year-old contractor from Cheyenne, Wyoming, told The Washington Post.

“It was at least six feet or more. That would be perfect for a wise man from the mountains, and when he crouched, he acted like he was in disguise… If you had asked before our trip, we would have said [Bigfoot] may be real, but now we’re convinced Shannon, who shared the one- to two-minute video of the sighting in a Facebook post, also said the train conductor had told the couple about similar non-human sightings .

“He said he had snowshoeed on these mountains before and had seen bigger footprints and wider steps than when snowshoeing,” Parker said.

Ohio Sasquatch Trackers’ Mysterious Carnival “Bigfoot Base Camp”
“He also saw things he couldn’t explain.”

Some people took the couple’s Bigfoot claims in stride.

One person commented on Shannon’s post: “I think so,” while another said: “I love him!” However, not everyone is convinced that Chewbacca’s doppelgänger exists.

“What have you been drinking?” another commented.

Parker said some people suspect it could be the work of someone, such as a hunter wearing natural camouflage, or a prank played by locals on unsuspecting tourists.

“It doesn’t look like a hunter because a hunter would have a weapon like a bow from the beginning of archery season,” she added. “It seems like I didn’t bring anything with me.”

It’s been a busy year for the furry black Faron – an alleged Bigfoot sighting was reportedly filmed in the woods of Mississippi this summer.

Americans have reported sightings of the Great Garrott since the 18th century, with many reports coming from the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The Washington National Guard’s description matched Parks’ report.

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