Watch Sssniperwolf jacksfilms video leaked, Jacksfilms accuses SSSniperwolf of ‘doxxing

Sssniperwolf jacksfilms video leaked, Jacksfilms accuses SSSniperwolf of ‘doxxing

YouTube star Jacksfilms and Twitch streamer SSSniperwolf have been feuding for a long time. Recently, another feud broke out between two YouTubers after Alia (SSSniperwolf) allegedly shared a now-deleted photo of John’s (Jacksfilms) residence on her Instagram Story. John shared the now-deleted image on his X handle and called the streamer’s behavior “creepy, disgusting and hurtful.” “Sssniperwolf just lied to me on her IG. What you are doing is disgusting. You are stealing content and stalking YouTube users,” John wrote. He also called on YouTube to “demonstrate this dangerous ‘creator’ , or simply remove her from your platform.”

John’s accusation shocked the internet, with his X post receiving over 100,000 likes and over 2,000 replies. In a series of comments on his post, he further wrote: “She did post the video outside our house for all her 5.6 million followers to see and then deleted it.” He added: “What universe is this? Medium? What do you think?” Okay? What reality do you live in that do you think this behavior is justified? Jack criticized Aaliyah with several accusations, writing: “It’s time for her to step down from the podium.” She is no longer a “stupid creator who steals content” but a monster who stalks and threatens critics. No. Fuck it all. It’s time to take her off YouTube.


For those who don’t know, the rivalry between these two YouTubers erupted back in 2022 when Jack created a secondary channel on the platform to mock SSSniperwolf’s reaction content, claiming she was using other YouTubers’ content to steal for their own benefit. Since then, the two have been supporting themselves online. After Jake recently accused SSSniperwolf and called for her YouTube channel to be de-monetized, she addressed the issue on her Instagram account. She wrote: “This idiot has been harassing me for months, playing the victim and saying I was threatening him when all I wanted to do was talk to him. “I meant no harm. It’s so sad when people have to constantly create drama to pay the bills. “

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