Who is Sergai Dybynyn? Family & Networth: Laura Loomer alleges Ukrainian operative was present in Capital Riots

Who is Sergai Dybynyn? Family & Networth: Laura Loomer alleges Ukrainian operative was present in Capital Riots

One of the curious disclosures that came up as a result of the pro-Trump supporters’ siege of the U.S. Capitol is Sergai Dybynyn’s part in the events on January 6, 2021. This article explores the claims related to Dybynyn’s presence on that critical day.

Sergai Dybynyn, who is he?

An suspected Ukrainian agent, Sergai Dybynyn, was supposedly present on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol. The narrative began with a tweet from prominent right pundit Laura Loomer, who asserted to have inside knowledge of Ukrainian agents and Neo-Nazis present at the Capitol on January 6. Loomer claimed that the FBI had identified people linked to Ukraine and had questioned some of the demonstrators about their connections to these people.

One such instance involved the confidential conversation with Jacob Chansley, sometimes known as the “QAnon Shaman.” The FBI questioned Chansley about a Ukrainian agent who had taken a photo with him that day during this interrogation. Unaware of the man’s identity, Chansley discovered via the FBI that he was Sergai Dybynyn, a purported Ukrainian spy connected to the far-right extremist Azov Battalion.

Suggestions and Charges

Serious worries were expressed when it was discovered that Ukrainian agents may have been present at the American Capitol on January 6th. According to Laura Loomer, this could be interpreted as a war crime committed by Ukraine against the United States. Despite these allegations, neither the FBI nor the U.S. government reported any arrests or public revelations of such charges.

When Loomer claimed that the CIA had funded a “colour revolution” in the US through Nazis in the US and Ukraine, her claims took a more sinister turn. She asserted that people were being enlisted by these organisations to fight overseas with the Azov Battalion before returning to the United States to stir up extreme right-wing political activities designed to damage the reputation of right-wing organisations.

Additionally, Loomer charged that the FBI hid the involvement of Ukrainian operatives in the activities preceding January 6th. She cited events like the violence in Charlottesville and the impeachment of President Trump as evidence that this was part of a larger effort to destabilise the American government.

Claims of Election Interference

The FBI and CIA were allegedly enlisting Ukrainian Nazis to sow racial discord in the United States, particularly during an election year, according to Loomer’s most worrisome allegation. She claimed that the intention was to incite Neo-Nazi marches in red states in order to sway public opinion ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

According to Loomer, this was a CIA-funded domestic terror operation designed to meddle in American elections and make sure Donald Trump would never win the presidency again.

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